Transfer Credit

Graduate level courses may be transferred to apply toward some degrees. (See individual program requirements.) Students requesting credit for courses taken at other institutions must have those courses evaluated. The request for transfer must be discussed with and approved by the program.

Criteria for transfer courses:

  • Only courses for which the student has earned at least a B (or the equivalent of a B) will be considered for transfer credit.
  •  Courses must be comparable in content, rigor, and credit hour to the Bryan courses they would replace.
  • Courses must have been taken at a regionally accredited academic institution or evaluated by an acceptable evaluation agency if taken outside the United States. Acceptable evaluation agencies include Educational Credential Evaluators (Catalog Match Evaluation), World Education Services, and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.
  • Official transcripts must be received by Records and Registration.
  • Students may be required to provide catalog course descriptions and/or course syllabi for the requested courses.