Tornado Protection – DOP.EHS192


Tornado Watch – Issued when weather conditions exist that could produce a tornado. A tornado watch may last for several hours.
Tornado Warning – Issued when a tornado has actually been sighted in the area or indicated by radar. At this time, the Civil Defense warning sirens are sounded, and the Nebraska Weather Service broadcasts the emergency messages.

Tornado Watch

When notified of a tornado “watch” effecting Lincoln, the PBX (switchboard) operator will announce over the public address system:
 “Your Attention Please: Lincoln and Lancaster County have been placed in a tornado watch area until (standard time the watch is to be canceled). Patients and visitors are requested to follow instructions from hospital staff concerning storm protection activities. We will keep you informed of significant weather changes.”

  •  This will be repeated at 4 hour intervals until the watch expires.
  •  Review safe areas.
  •  Consider how you will get there.
  •  An “All Clear” will be announced when the watch expires or is canceled prior to its scheduled expiration time.

Tornado Warning – Bryan Medical Plaza, College of Health Sciences, School of Anesthesia, Child Development Center-East, Financial Offices on the 5th Floor College of Health Sciences, Education area on West


  •  Stay in the safe area until the city announces “all clear”.
  •  Staff, visitors and patients; Go to safest area possible with the time you have.
    •  Relatively safe areas include:
    • Interior areas
    •  Away from outside walls
    •  Areas with no windows
    • The lower in the building the better
    • Basement areas without windows are best
  •  Remain in the safe area until notified of an “All Clear”.