Student Organizations

Action for Students (AFS)

This organization promotes social and community service. Members actively participate in community outreach programs. Being a member will enhance your life personally and professionally. There are no membership dues.

Bryan Student Nurses' Association (BSNA)

Nursing students are encouraged to join Bryan Student Nurses' Association (BSNA), a pre-professional organization for nursing students which allows the opportunity to network and receive support from other nursing students. Upon payment of dues to BSNA, students become members of the Nebraska Student Nurses' Association and the National Student Nurses' Association. Dues are the responsibility of the student. Membership and participation in the activities of the organizations are an important part of the development of the professional nurse. Students are encouraged to join in committee work and to hold an office in school, state and national organizations. Members are also involved in numerous community service projects throughout the academic year and participate in fundraising activities. 

American Red Cross

Participation in American Red Cross activities is offered through the Lincoln Red Cross Chapter. Students may be involved in a variety of projects. Upon completion of 20 hours of volunteer service and RN licensure, the student receives an American Red Cross pin.

Biomedical Sciences Club

The mission of the Biomedical Sciences club is to connect Biomedical Science major and minor students through social and community service experiences. We want to continue our scientific learning outside of class with study groups and hands-on experience in the medical field. We are aiming to promote Biomedical Sciences and to continue its growth with the annual Science Symposium.

Caring with Christ

This organization is open to all students. Its mission is to disciple our classmates, faculty and clients we care for, minister to those in need, rejoice in the gifts of the day, prayerfully support one another, and incorporate the word of the Lord into our daily lives.

Health Promotion Organization

The Health Promotion Organization (HPO) offers a way to promote a healthy lifestyle for students through activities such as intramural sports and volunteer opportunities for local walks and the Lincoln Marathon. Join on Facebook at BCHS Health Promotions to encourage, support, and promote a healthy lifestyle with other students and faculty.

Diversity Club

This organization is open to all students and its mission is to educate, advocate and promote awareness of our diverse College and community through a supportive network.