Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are eligible for admission to Bryan College of Health Sciences if they meet the admission criteria identified in the Admission and Admission Policies sections of this catalog. The College is committed to providing an environment conducive to learning for all students, including students with disabilities who have been admitted to the College.

The College complies with federal regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and recognizes that it is required to provide reasonable accommodations that afford an equal opportunity for qualified students with disabilities. The College believes that achieving reasonable accommodations for a student with a disability is a shared responsibility between the student, faculty and staff. The College recognizes that it is not required to lower its standards or fundamentally alter the nature of the program provided.

Qualified students requiring reasonable accommodations to successfully complete the program of study are encouraged to notify the Clinical and Academic Development Director at the College of those accommodations as early as possible to prevent delays in admission or progression through the program. There are multiple sources and types of information that are useful to identify and support requested accommodations. Sources may include educational records, letters from educators, diagnostic reports, letters from health care providers, records of past accommodations, letters or records from local, state or federal agencies, and/or VA records. All accommodations are determined on a case by case basis.

The College may request documentation necessary to determine whether the student is an individual with a disability as defined by applicable law, then will make a determination as to what accommodations will be provided, consistent with the College’s standards and program. If the student is not satisfied with the College’s decisions about a disability status and/or accommodations the student may file an appeal and/or grievance according to the Disability Appeal/Grievance Policy & Procedure found in the Student Handbook.