Required Immunizations

  • Hepatitis B – 3 dose vaccine series; ( DNAP student are also required to have a  positive immunity study in addition to vaccine series)  
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) – 2 dose vaccine series or a positive immunity study if had Chicken Pox disease
  •  MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) – 2 dose vaccine series or positive immunity study of each
  •  Meningococcal Conjugate (meningitis) – Only for students under the age of 21 years
    • One dose of conjugate vaccine from ages 11-15 years with a booster vaccination at age 16 years OR If did not receive conjugate vaccine prior to 16 years old, one vaccination prior to being a first year student at college
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) – 1 dose required – expires in 10 years
  • Tetanus (Td) – If Tdap date has expired, update with Tetanus vaccine or another Tdap vaccine
  • Tuberculosis – (2-step TB skin test  or  blood test -IGRA) – within 12 months prior to start date of first class for DNAP students  (Not required upon admission for MSN and Ed.D students)
  •  Influenza vaccination – All students who attend class on campus are required to follow Bryan Health’s policy on mandatory seasonal influenza vaccination. For students who decline or cannot have the flu vaccine for medical reasons, a declination form must be signed and the student will follow Bryan Health’s policy including wearing a mask when a sustained level of influenza cases has been identified in the community. Influenza vaccination will be provided at no expense to students.
  • COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)-fully immunized 2 weeks prior to start date of first class or declination for medical, religious, or creed exemption on file with student health.  Declination may result in weekly COVID-19 testing requirement.

Non Degree Seeking (NDS) students – immunizations per individual program requirements

100% Online Programs – these students are exempt from all immunization requirements.