Philosophy of Diversity

Bryan College of Health Sciences recognizes through its Mission Statements that:

  • The individual is a unique and multidimensional being with inherent worth and dignity who deserves to be treated with consideration, empathy, humaneness, kindness, respect, trust and non-judgmental attitude.
  • All individuals deserve the same rights, privileges or status as others including acceptance, assertiveness, fairness, self-esteem and tolerance.
  • The individual has the freedom to exercise choice.
  • The education process must enable the graduate to participate as a contributing member of a culturally diverse society.
  • Faculty are responsible as role models, mentors and teachers for providing a caring environment in which students are free to explore and develop.

Bryan College of Health Sciences recognizes that diversity presents itself in many different ways. It is not just the ethnic and sociocultural differences among individuals, but also the physiological, psychological, developmental and spiritual differences. The College strives to provide equality to all individuals through nondiscriminatory policies on admission/enrollment, religious or cultural observances, services for students with disabilities, financial aid, student rights and responsibilities, student code and harassment.

Bryan College of Health Sciences recognizes that while the community in which it exists is rapidly becoming more culturally diverse, this growth in cultural diversity is not presently realized proportionately within the College faculty or student body. The College recognizes the importance of striving to recruit a more culturally diverse student body and providing the necessary resources to increase the likelihood of success in the College.

Bryan College of Health Sciences recognizes the rich learning opportunities within the community for interaction with individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds. Both curricular and co-curricular opportunities must be systematically provided to students to help them to grow personally and professionally and to prepare them to be culturally sensitive citizens in a diverse and ever-changing society.