Parking Policy and Procedure

Bryan College of Health Sciences follows the Bryan Medical Center Parking Policy and Procedure, as outlined below.

  1. Bryan Medical Center exists to serve the community. Thus, priority for prime parking locations is for patients and visitors. Special consideration is given to parking requirements for physicians and tenants. Each site will establish specific designated areas of parking for the following groups:
    1. Patients
    2. Visitors
    3. Tenants
    4. Employees
    5. Physicians
    6. Volunteers
    7. Students of College of Health Sciences
    8. Students receiving clinical training onsite
    9. Travelers
    10. Contractors and their employees
  2. Bryan assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of items from vehicles parked on either site or at any assigned parking lot.

  3. The Medical Center reserves the right to tow improperly parked vehicles if necessary.

  4. The twelve (12) month period referenced in this procedure is defined as the elapsed period of time between the date of the first citation and the anniversary date of that same citation twelve (12) months later.


  1. Vehicle Registration
    1. Initial Registration
      1. Employees and students will receive vehicle registration forms during the orientation process.

      2. Tenants will register their vehicles through Facilities Management.

      3. Physicians may contact the Medical Staff Services Department at the east site to obtain a card providing access to the gated area of the Sumner Street parking garage.

      4. Volunteers and members of other groups will receive parking information, assignments and vehicle registration forms from their primary Bryan contact.

    2. Annual Assessment

      1. Security will conduct an annual Medical Center-wide vehicle registration assessment.

    3. Changes

      1.  Notify Facilities Management any time there is a change in vehicles or license numbers, by completing a vehicle registration form and sending it to Facilities Management-East.

  2. Refer to addendums and maps for specifics on parking assignments by site and group.

  3. Parking Violations for employees/students
    Security will monitor the parking program and issue tickets for violations to include:

    1. Failure to park in designated lots.
      East Campus
      Sumner Garage – Upper Level and ramp
      Zone A (48th Street Garage) – 2nd level ramp, 3rd level ramp and 3rd level, 4th level
      Zone B (Cotner Garage) – North of Cotner garage, North of 48th Street Garage, East of the Sumner Garage, North of the College of Health Sciences Building

      West Campus
      Parking Garage – ramp to 2nd Level, 2nd level, Ramp to 3rd level, Ramp to 4th level, 4th level Emergency Department Lot – 2 south rows along Lake Street, 1 row, West of physician designated parking
      Surface lot south of radiology, along Lake Street - Entire lot

    2. Parking in any areas reserved for other groups or designated no parking, such as fire lanes, red-lined curbs, handicapped spaces or visitor and patient parking areas.

    3. Parking over a line or taking two stalls.

    4. Parking on residential side streets.

    5. Failure to register or provide current vehicle license number.

      Notify Security (ext. 18488-East) or (ext. 15802-West) if any vehicle will be parked in a Medical Center lot for more than 24hours.

  4. Corrective Action for Employees/Students

    1. Individuals who fail to register their vehicle(s) may be denied parking in any Bryan controlled parking lots.

    2. First Ticket - The first ticket issued in a twelve (12) month period will result in a written notice sent to the employee’s manager or student’s instructor.

    3. Second Ticket - The second ticket issued within a 12-month period will result in a written notice sent to the manager or instructor. Security will verify that the employee is on duty, and if so, a wheel lock will be placed on the car. In addition, a $30.00 fine will be assessed for the wheel lock to be removed. NOTE: If you do not have the required parking sticker on your vehicle and are improperly parked, two tickets will be issued.

    4. Third Ticket - The third ticket issued within a 12-month period will result in Security verifying whether the employee is on duty. If the employee is on duty, a wheel lock will be placed on the vehicle requiring payment of a $50.00 fine before Security will remove the wheel lock. In addition, a written notice will be sent to the manager or instructor indicating further violations may result in the employee’s immediate termination.

    5. Fines should be paid to the cashier’s office directly during office hours. After hours, an invoice will be sent to cashier services. This invoice must be paid the next business day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If payment is not received as required, a wheel lock will be reapplied and remain on the vehicle until the fine is paid.

    6. Discretion will be used in all cases prior to having a vehicle wheel-locked.

    7. All citations will be destroyed as they reach their 12 month anniversary date. Action as described above will be taken if, at any time, an individual accumulates the specified number of citations in this twelve (12) month period. Actions taken as a result of these citations will not negate them. They will remain active and will count toward future action, if necessary, in the same time period.