NURS774: Capstone I

Class Program
Credits 2

The first of two capstone courses in which students will conceptualize a quality improvement or evidence-based project with extensive literature review. Students will collaborate with key stakeholders to develop the capstone project proposal.

CO1: Design a capstone project that effectively addresses a relevant nursing practice issue.
CO2:  Utilize evidenced-based quality improvement and professional standards in the design of the project.
CO3: Analyze pertinent nursing and interdisciplinary research literature to inform project development.
CO4:  Integrate legal, ethical, and diversity considerations into the project proposal.


Educator Track: NURS727: Teaching and Learning Theories, NURS730: Teaching Practicum I, NURS755: Clinical Teaching and Learning OR
Leadership Track: NURS742: Financial Management, NURS745: Leadership Practicum I; and NURS782: Strategic Planning.


Educator Track: NURS755: Curriculum Development & Program Planning OR
Leadership Track: NURS762: Human Resource Management in Healthcare.