Enrollment Requirements

Students who attend class meetings at the College are required to submit health records validating health status and required immunizations or proof of immunity prior to enrollment. Information obtained from these reports may impact eligibility to enter and/or remain in the program.

The College enrolls qualified students into clinical programs who are able to provide safe patient care and perform the following technical competencies:

  1. utilize perceptual skills when providing care and services for clients in all types of settings,
  2. safely use essential equipment when providing client care and services in all required settings, and
  3. move about independently when providing care and services for clients.

Bryan College of Health Sciences reserves the right to cancel any course offering for which enrollments are insufficient. Placement in the program is determined by the student's academic preparation and the number of students enrolled in the program. The number of students admitted to the College each semester is limited to ensure a student-to-faculty ratio that enhances learning and appropriate use of clinical facilities.