Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Educational Goals

Academic Goals

  • The student will obtain an advanced body of specialized knowledge that enables the student to integrate didactic information and clinical data and formulate a comprehensive individualized care plan.
  • The student will demonstrate the skill to adjust the plan of care based on critical thinking and a problem-solving approach.

Clinical Goals

  • The student will be able to plan and administer a safe and physiologic anesthetic across the lifespan; one based on a knowledge and synthesis of anesthetic principles and basic science study.
  • The student will utilize evidence based practice principles to promote problem identification, inform clinical decisions, analyze outcomes and improve quality of care.
  • The student will demonstrate skill with a comprehensive range of clinical techniques found in contemporary nurse anesthesia practice.

Scholarship Goals

  • The student will be able to translate research evidence to evaluate outcomes in a variety of populations, clinical settings, and systems.
  • The student will disseminate an extensive body of knowledge within a specific area of nurse anesthesia practice, policy, leadership or education and apply this knowledge to solve an identified problem.

Leadership Goals

  • The student will demonstrate interprofessional and intraprofessional leadership.
  • The student will integrate ethical, legal and cultural considerations with personal and professional value systems in the application of the art and science of nurse anesthesia.